Who are your hosts?

Camping vorrelveen john en biancaWe, John Teuben and Bianca van den Berg, are your hosts and live on the campsite. We came to live in Beilen because we preferred a different live over our previous city life. Now we live in rural Drenthe surrounded by fields and cows as summer neighbors. Living in the country side is intense being exposed to the beauty of all 4 seasons. The fresh greens of the unlocking spring, the heat that ascends from the fields during summer, the falling leaves covering our terrain in autumn and the frozen winter fields make life better than before.

And through the campsite we can share this with you. We started the camping in 2006, after we came living in Beilen in 2002.

The lodges are built in 2017 and are year-round available. We believe that you have to make the best of your holiday yourself and we can help by providing the right tools: a fine lodge at a beautiful place!

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