Lodges Vorrelveen

Three lodges have been built in 2017 to address additional guest wishes.

Wood Owl (‘Bosuil’), Sunlight (‘zonlicht’) and Blooming Heath (‘Bloeiende Heide’), each with its own identity derived from characteristics of the province of Drenthe.

How often will you be able to enjoy the sound of the wood owl while sitting on your porch? Well, at Camping Vorrelveen this will happen, as the fly around and sometimes even have nests at our campsite.

Origing of the Lodges

The lodges wich are constructed in the original Finnish stack were purched by the owners, upgraded and relocated to our campsite. Formely they were part of an asylum seekers center in Dronten where the original Finnish stack building lodges provided a roof for many refugees. As the lodges in Dronten were to be replaced, we bought three of them to start a new live as holiday lodges, their original function.

We searched for solid lodges with a sturdy character that would fit with the scenery and our campsite. After transferring the dismantled lodges, they waited on our site for some time to finalize all the necessary paperwork. Subsequently we planed, sanded and varnished all the beams before the lodges could be reconstructed. Although all beams were numbered, and we had the blueprints, not all fitted, and it became quite a puzzle to build the lodges and add a large roofing over the porch.

The high-quality Scandinavian wood proofed it can sustain quite a lot. The thick beams provide a very good insolation of the lodge, reducing the electricity needed for heating. Some little adjustments increased the comfort, linked the under-floor heating (constructed during the hottest days of 2016!!), making the lodges very comfortable.

We have chosen for luxury kitchens, enabling you to optimally enjoy your time in the lodge. An oven and dishwasher provide for the additional comfort.

The under-floor heating is extended to the bathroom, so you will have warm feet during showering.

The addition of the porches to the lodges allows you to enjoy the sunset every night. The wideness of the views over the fields completes your stay at Charm Camping Vorrelveen.

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